Technical innovations

PILOT writing instruments are well known for their high quality manufacturing and comfort of use.
Thanks to a very high level of innovation, combined with great industrial determination, PILOT has launched successive technologies that have totally changed the face of the writing market.

Tungsten-carbide balls
This alloy is one of the secrets of PILOT's quality. It effectively resists deformations caused by shocks or being dropped. The ball retains its round shape and the line remains precise, regular and without blotches or leaks. The ball turns at the rate of 4 to 5000 turns per minute. This rotation generates a heat effect that makes the ink even more fluid. This ball is set in a stainless steel housing.


Launched in 1984, the microball set in 3 or 4 dimples at the end of the Hi-Tecpoint has been exclusively patented by PILOT.
Unlike with unset balls, this technology makes it possible for the ink to flow more freely and improve the rotation of the ball for a more fluid result. The result is precise lines and exceptional writing comfort.


Ink regulator
By temporarily storing surplus ink in membranes of different thicknesses, the ink regulator makes it possible to control the ink supply to the nib and thus regulate ink flow uniformly throughout the entire life of the pen.


ATT system
The state-of-the-art technology in this cap lies in an ingenious spring adjusted around the nib, so that it is completely airtight. This system guarantees that a pen is ready to use and puts an end to the problems of leaks or difficult priming of the ink.


Retractable sleeve
The entire metal tip slides inside the body of the mechanical pencil in order to prevent the lead from breaking and also to avoid danger during transportation..


Shaker system
« Shake or press! »
These mechanical pencils are fitted with an inside feeder which triggers the system to push the lead out.
Simply shaking the body once is enough to make the lead advance without having to let go of the mechanical pencil.


Felt tip
Hyper-resistant polyacetal felt tip set in metal. Multiple channel irrigation.


A resolutely modern writing instrument, the Capless pen is currently the only retractable fountain pen in the world. The seal is provided by a minuscule metal shutter which is as discreet as it is reliable.