As one of the few manufacturers to manage the entire design and production of its writing instruments in-house, PILOT guarantees the flawless quality of its products.
True to its Japanese origins, each factory is subject to strict manufacturing processes and controls. Each product is systematically tested at the end of the production chain.


For more than 100 years, PILOT has been known for its ingenious mechanisms and goldsmith’s art, which make writing more and more comfortable.
Its’ secret? Pilot has been able to think outside of the box…
Thanks to a very high level of innovation combined with great industrial determination, PILOT has introduced successive technologies that have completely changed the face of the writing market: from the Calpess retractable pen, through its liquid ink roller with Hi-Tec tip and ink regulator, not to mention the thermosensitive ink FriXion range.
Tips & inks

Tips & inks


The reputation of PILOT writing instruments has been built on the quality of their manufacture and the ease with which they can be used.
Thanks to a very high level of innovation, coupled with a strong industrial commitment, PILOT has successively introduced technologies that have completely changed the face of the writing market.

The excellence of the inks.

Over the years, PILOT has developed a wide range of exclusive and specific inks.
The brand’s chemical engineering expertise and significant investment in research have enabled us to offer you five key ink technologies that are now an integral part of the writing market.