At Pilot we create

innovative high quality &
eco-designed pens

Quality, reliability and eco-design

Our product design prioritizes quality, reliability and eco-design along with high standards. We continually innovate while minimizing our environmental impact.

Our journey to reduce the use of virgin plastic began in 2010 with the Life Cycle Analysis of our pens, which revealed that the major impact is associated with the use of the raw material of our pens (77.8%).
These results guide our product development, which focuses on increasing recycled content and promoting refills.
Today, eco-design is central to our processes and ensures durable, reliable pens.

We’re committed to furthering by focusing our effort on limiting plastic waste and maximizing the plastic circularity of our pens.
At Pilot, our three commitments are as follows:

Commitment 01

Pursue high quality and
reliability standards.

Pilot guarantees the quality of its products by manufacturing in-house almost each component and by controlling each product manufactured all along the chain.

100% of refills and pens are tested

We perform 3 control types when manufacturing a pen : visual, writing and mechanism. 100% of refills and pens made in Pilot Corporation of Europe are tested to guarantee a smooth writing.

100 quality points of control

From design to hand, a Pilot pen goes through 100 points of controls in average before arriving in your hand. Every day, around 6 600 products are inspected directly on our production workshop.

Discover our

Begreen range in video

Commitment 02

pens through 4R policy.

Our eco-designd policy started back in 2006 and has guided our product development since that time. We develop
pens that are made to last, while limiting the use of virgin plastic.

Recycled materials

Give maximum priority to using recycled plastic.

In 2006, we launched Begreen, the first range of pens made from at least 70% of Recycled plastic.

In 2023, 44% of pens sold in Europe are made with +50% recycled plastic. (excluding luxury range)


Less plastic in our packaging.

Since 2010 we have reduced quantities of virgin plastic by over 80% by using recycled plastic and FSC-certified cardboard.

Since 2021, 100% Begreen pens and e-commerce range launched are packed in plastic free blister.


Reduce pollution collecting plastic ocean waste.

In our Bottle to Pen range (B2P) we include 86% recycled plastic on which 2.5% is collected from oceans. It represents 1.7 tons of plastic collected from oceans, beaches, rivers, lakes and the shores of these waterways.


Our 4R actions in video

Commitment 03

Demonstrate transparency on
our environmental actions and
support climate projects

Our first objective is to reduce our environmental impacts all along our value chain: by eco-designing our products, by improving our supply chain and reducing our environmental impacts in our plants, etc. Along with our decarbonation plan, we also decided to have a positive contribution and finance climate projects

Clean Oceans Plastic Bank Worldwide

Pilot has decided to contribute to the financing of a certified climate project on renewable energies and additionally supports international ocean protection « Clean Oceans Plastic Bank Worldwide »: for every tonne of CO₂ saved through the contribution via a certified climate project, 10 kg of plastic is collected in coastal regions. This intercepts plastic before it enters the sea and protects sensitive marine ecosystems.

Since 2022, 4 375 Tons of CO2e were supported by Pilot and around 30 tons of plastic were collected.

Climate Partner

This certified label guarantees transparency and traceability of climate reduction approach.

100% of our pens manufactured in the European PILOT factory are Climate Partner certified products.

In 2023, 33.1 million of pens has been Climate Partner certified products.