With Pilot, it's not only about writing...

With PILOT, everyone has the power to write their world …

Whoever you are, a student, an artist, a worker, a mother, a friend … we care about the colour of your ideas, your passions and about who you are.
Because we know that by writing, drawing, underlining, scribbling… you are writing your world.
We are proud of what you do you with our pens…
Our mission

Our mission

Pilot supports the act of writing to empower people to express their uniqueness.

“we are proud of what you do with our pens”.

Pilot offers everyone top quality pens & innovative sustainable solutions to make the most of their handwriting & achieve what matters most.

Our promise

Our promise

Write your World

our signature is a symbol of empowerment and self-expression.

Write your world invites people to put more of themselves into everything they do by writing, creating, exploring, erasing, changing things. Without needing to be an expert or artist.


is the literal act of handwriting, meaning writing, drawing, designing, erasing…as well as the abstract meaning of shaping and starting something new.


“your world”

is an infinite playground we can impact on, a combination of our inner world (our body, our passion, ideas, feelings…) and external world (our environment, relationships, society, values…) as well as a combination of material and immaterial assets.

with PILOT, there are so many ways

to write your world

by connecting with yourself.
Writing by hand engages the brain and helps us to remember and structure our ideas. Writing by hand also makes it easier to express our feelings. Writing with a PILOT pen also connects us to our inner self.
by connecting with others.
Because sending an email to someone you care about is definitely not the same as taking the time to write a letter by hand, handwriting with PILOT is a way to show the care and uniqueness that people put into their relationships.
by creating in your own way.
Whether you want to personalise, colour, draw or write… PILOT pens help to create an exciting and surprising world where the imagination knows no bounds.
by triggering new ideas.
Writing with PILOT pens supports collective moments, encourages collaboration, spontaneity and serendipity. They allow people’s minds to be creative and open to the unexpected.
by improving yourself.
With PILOT, pupils and students have the best tools to improve their reading, language processing skills and confidence in learning.
by taking care of the planet.
As an increasingly sustainable means of expression, PILOT pens are also the best way to declare our love for nature and the planet.

Whether you are at school, at the office or at home:

there will always be a Pilot pen in your life,
to write your world.

#Write Your World

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