Our brand cause:

Support the act of handwriting at all ages to live better

By developing & maintaining cognitive aptitudes.

From a neuroscientific point of view, handwriting helps to develop and maintain brain capacities.

By enhancing expressive abilities.

Handwriting, but also, drawing, DIY leisure & creative activities are considered as a restorative and liberating act, as a form of personal release from emotional burdens.

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Our brand cause

Commitment 01

Raise awareness of the benefits of handwriting

Acquisition of reading skills, memorisation, mindfulness, self-expression… the benefits of handwriting are so numerous and yet so little known. At PILOT, we want to spread the word and raise awareness of how handwriting can benefit our cerebral powers, cogntive abilities and well-being.

Handwriting Benefits Cards

A comprehensive set of cards for the discovery of the benefits of handwriting – highlighted by scientific works – to facilitate our brain development, connect and express our uniqueness. We also regularly highlight related content to our B2B and B2C audience.

“Une vie à écrire”

PILOT has teamed up with “Le cherche midi” editor to develop the book Une vie à écrire, in which artists, writers, journalists or simple lovers of words reveal how handwriting brings people together, transforms them and helps them to live. Profits go to the associations “Le Labo des Histoires” and #STOPILLETTRISME.

Commitment 02

Help the development of expressive and cognitive aptitudes

Even though handwriting is challenged by the digital world, its benefits remain key, enabling us to feel better, work better, learn better. It stimulates our long-term brain capacity, and helps us to express our sensitivity, our own vision and to write down our world.

Organization of handwriting workshops

Whether for its own employees or for local communities, PILOT regularly organizes handwriting workshops, promoting the discovery of the world of words in a playful manner by connecting to ourselves and others.

Developing specific materials for teachers

In Germany, PILOT co-develops and provides pedagogic materials for teachers, in order to support them in the daily promotion of the benefits of handwriting and issues of sustainability which are consistent with our CSR policy.

Commitment 03

Participating in the life & well-being of our local communities

PILOT actively takes part in the life and development of our local communities. From pen donations and solidarity initiatives, through to support for associations who are aligned with our mission.


Acting for good usually starts with a pen. PILOT is proud to support various associations (Agence du Don en Nature, Dons Solidaires, Entraide Internationale, Notre Dame des Sans-Abris) and institutions (schools,
hospitals) that carry out concrete actions to improve human and environmental well-being.

500 000 pens given to NGO in 2023.

Since 2018, we support ADN’s «Back-to-School» solidarity event to promote equal opportunities by helping 75,000 underprivileged students or pupils obtain the materials they need for the start of the new school year.


Pilot is a global player which is strongly rooted in its territory, supporting local events and associations that highlight medical, sporting, environmental or cultural causes (for example: Bonheur des Mômes…).

15 associations and events under sponsorship.